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    413 CPU Failure

    Hello all,
    I have an older Centroid control on a ACER knee mill. Today i got this error twice, 413 CPU Failure #01. One failure happened when machine was sitting idle with Estop active. The manual says the reason is "CPU10 has experienced a problem with the PC reset line. Z80 Failure. Problem with the ZiLOG chip."
    Anyone experienced this before? Is this a chip that can be replaced?

    Software Version:
    CNC10 Mill v2.64

    Thanks for any info,

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    Re: 413 CPU Failure

    The first thing to try is cleaning the card edge fingers and motherboard slot and re-plugging several times time make sure the connection is good.
    The board is fairly complex, so anything beyond that is not DIY friendly.

    The chance of the actual IC being bad is near zero. The problem is most likely some bad connection to the IC or supporting components preventing it from running.

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    Re: 413 CPU Failure

    I tried re seating card a few times after i started this thread, and so far all is good. Thanks for the re assurance of the fix.

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    Re: 413 CPU Failure

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