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    help Fusion 360

    it is possible to make this configuration in fusion 360


    what would be this type of machine? table x table, table head or heade heade

    this machine 5 axes is xyzab?

    with 4 axes it is possible, but I want the Z axis to rotate like the video 5 axi

    I would like to know if it is possible to edit the position and direction of the axes in fusion 360

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    Re: help Fusion 360


    It looks like an interesting project.
    It looks like this machine can run in multiple setups (correct me if i am wrong), one setup will be B and C head-head 5 axis, and second one B - head , A - table 5 axis config.

    If it runs only as we see on the video, it will be head-table 5 ax machine.

    Mail me if interested in cooperation: maniac.cnc@gmail.com


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    Re: help Fusion 360

    Ask it here, answer it here.

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