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    Problem with X wall relief parameter


    This is my first post. I'm using a Mazak Quick turn Nexus 100 with Mazatrol 640T control.

    There's a problem with the X axis relief. When using BAR IN, the tool starts .02 smaller then the cutting point and has a relief of .01. Even if I change U4 parameter, it just adds it to the .01

    If I use a BAR OUT, it does the same thing

    It's like there's a basic .01 x relief plus what is added in the U4 parameter. It doesn't use to do that and I can't seem to find the source.

    Thanx for your help.


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    Re: Problem with X wall relief parameter

    The program dimension is same as actual? If not, u need to calibrate the toolye with B61 ID and B63 OD

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