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    Doughty Drive 5 axis mill

    Hey folks, I'm based in greater Sydney. I need to part with a Doughty Drive CNC mill. I built the mill 2011/12 and used it for a very short period before life circumstances dictated I pack the mill up and put it into storage. It has been stored in a clean dry environment since then. The mill has a base frame 1200mm by 1050mm with the x-axis table being 680mm by 1000mm. The gantry is 1500mm by 1050mm with the height of the base frame being 600mm. It has a dual lead screw modification.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    A breakdown of the major components includes:
    • The Doughty Drive Manual (comprehensive instructions including dimensions of machined parts and potential suppliers)
    • The Doughty Drive B/C axis head (https://cnc4pc.com/doughty-drive-the...-solution.html) See this link for both the B/C head and scroll down to see videos of the mill in action)
    • All the machined Maytec frame elements + connectors/bolts
    • A Bob Campbell custom built control box featuring Warp9’s SmoothStepper Motion Controller (https://www.warp9td.com/), James Cullins’ Sound Logic breakout board for Mach3. It supports five Gecko G203 drives and five motors.
    • Tormach stepper motors
    • Tormach 32510 controller (upgradeable via https://tormach.com/media/asset/t/d/..._kit_1219a.pdf)
    • YASAKAWA AC Drive V1000
    • HSD MT1055-090 Spindle (http://www.hsdusa.com/bo/allegati/Fi...x-18_24_1_.pdf)
    • Timing belts and pulleys (qtcgears), Linear slides and bearing blocks (Linear Bearings), Lead screws and nuts (Roton), and all the specified plates that needed to be machined
    • All the wiring, box for the AC Drive, limit switches, emergency stop buttons etc.
    • Many of the associated tech manuals. This is important as Bob Campbell Designs and the Doughty Drive as a manual to building the mill are no longer easily available

    I would prefer to sell the entire mill to someone, but will consider offers for a selection of components. I am more likely to accept a lower offer if all the components/or most of them are purchased.
    The cost of the components are not insubstantial, but write down is inevitable – more or less depending on the components. Some items have held their value, the BC head and the Maytec as examples, others are now significantly cheaper second hand (the Yasakawa drive second-hand is selling for around 50% of its purchase value. The Bob Campbell control box is particularly suited to support the Doughty Drive design with B/C head, but its BOM is also measurable. I have a lot of supporting images/documentation/receipts about the various components. My suggestion is make an offer. Questions here/PM, or to hamishdunlop@hotmail.com.

    Doughty Drive B/C axis head $2950.00
    Bob Campbell Custom Control Box w steppers $1800 (box) + $350 Tormach steppers
    Tormach Mach3 box $900.00
    HSD Spindle $1000.00
    Maytec components $2700.00
    Yasakawa V1000 Drive $500.00
    Lead screws and nuts $700

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    Re: Doughty Drive 5 axis mill

    Do you stil have the doughty drive? Email me len.shelton@gmail.com

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