Our company currently has a Datron cnc machine. Our primary use is engraving very small logos on aluminum parts. We are engraving true type fonts and not just single line. What sets this machine apart from our other cnc's is the built in probe and it's ability to generate a Z-Correct probe field. Meaning that we can take any irregular shaped part and have a 2D or 3D program mapped to the surface that was probed. There are built in cycles in the control that automates this process for us. This machine also has a rotary table so we can engrave cylinders as well. The spindle speed goes up to 50k which is really helpful when you are using sharp tip engraving cutters. However the machine is quite old and we are looking to replace it. A new Datron cnc with a rotary table is ballpark $140,000. That is a big chunk of change for a machine that we use only for engraving. I am trying to find some alternate machines that have these same features. Have searched all over the web and cannot find a similar machine that has the probing built in as well as rotary capability. Does anyone know if something else is out there.