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    AutoCAD - Need Extrude via Loft

    I am needing to extrude an inner and outer ellipse so as to subtract the inner extruded ellipse later, BUT what I really want to do is Loft the inner and outer ellipses so they taper to the other end which are circles. I can loft both ellipses, but when trying to subtract, it seems that shell was only extruded during loft, not like when doing a regular extrude, so subtracting doesn't work.
    Any ideas ?

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    Re: AutoCAD - Need Extrude via Loft

    LOFT has an option for solid or surface.

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    Re: AutoCAD - Need Extrude via Loft

    I'm very rusty with Autocad and haven't used the most recent versions,so I might be wide of the mark here.Don't they use some weird term for extrude?Would it be feasible to create the outer and inner objects on different layers and then do a Boolean subtraction of the inner?

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    Re: AutoCAD - Need Extrude via Loft

    I have not used in autocad in a long time. The command you might want is called draft. It puts a slope on things.

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