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IndustryArena Forum > General Manufacturing Processes > Chucking and Measuring > Seek advice on dial gauge with low "measuring force" ...
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    Seek advice on dial gauge with low "measuring force" ...

    Hi All,

    I have a question that hopefully is not too complicated - and which I hope one of you may help give a bit of advice about ...

    As it is I am currently working with quite small & delicate parts that easily bend - yet I still need them to be very precise. To check this I now use a Käfer dial gauge (German) and normally is quite content with the way it works and its basic precision.

    However, when working with these small parts the Käfer dial gauge´s measuring force is so high (0.7N) that it visibly bends the parts. So I need to find a dial gauge with a significantly lower measuring force (likely ~ ten times lower), same precision, about 5mm of measuring range, preferably second hand - but I don't know if this exists nor where to look for it ...

    Might one of you here be able to advice on this (would be appreciated)?

    Cheers & thanks,


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    Re: Seek advice on dial gauge with low "measuring force" ...

    maybe you'ld want to look at Deltronic pins? Then you can decide how much "force: to use.

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    Re: Seek advice on dial gauge with low "measuring force" ...

    @2Cool585: Thanks for your feedback but as far as I can see it is a "passive" device - I need to be able to mount it on my CNC mill and then run it over the relevant surfaces - yet with a low measuring force.

    I cannot see that I can use these pin for that - or am I missing something?



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