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    Nema34s 3 axis

    I am thinking Pi and protoneer for my 3 axis with nema 34s. Will the Pi and Protoneer handle the gecko drivers / current load or am I asking too much?
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    Re: Nema34s 3 axis

    It sounds like that stuff maxes out at 36 volts, which is pretty marginal for all but the very lowest-induction NEMA 34 motors. But it might work to some extent.
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    Re: Nema34s 3 axis

    It may very well work with enough hotwiring. Since you are going to drive the gecko you do not require high voltage or high currents. Simply bypass the stepper drivers and connect the step/dir signals to the output terminals IF IT CAN BE DONE SAFELY. I do not have schematics to refer to but I think I can make an educated guess as to what is possible here.

    What type of a machine are you wanting to operate?

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    Re: Nema34s 3 axis

    Last time I had Nema34's......... I pretty much binned them.. Great accel but limited velocity. My Z (1600oz was DIRE!!!).
    They run absolute crap when drivers are being fed less than 60V.
    I had 2*1080oz and 1*1600oz 34 motors, swapped them for nema24 566oz motors and my speeds went up by 40%. (Still all running on 60Vdc).

    I did move a 1080oz onto my Z as I didn't (think) I was too bothered about being limited to a rapid velocity of 2000mm/min.
    But now I've just bought a 80Vdc power supply (to tune down to 75V, my drivers max is 80) to give it a bit more kick.

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