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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Hitachi Seikis > Thinking about buying a 1991 Hitec 20S11, who has / has one?
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    Thinking about buying a 1991 Hitec 20S11, who has / has one?

    Hi, as the title says, I have my eye on a 1991 Hitachi Seiki Hitec turn 20s11 that has very low spindle hours. I am still checking out the story, but it seems legit so far. Apparently it was purchased for use in a R&D workshop...that didn't really use it. It has been run every month or so as part of their maintenance program and is fully operational.It has a Seiki Multi conversational control, which I know nothing about, are they any good, easy or hard to get your head around? I do have a VS50 with a Seicos 18M control that I love using, are they anything alike?The VS50 has been supper reliable, could I expect the same from the Hitec? I am only a jobbing shop so my CNC's are not working 24/7, but when I turn them on I want them to work.Despite its low hours, I am concerned about the age of the electronics on this machine, should I be and are replacement components still available?I would much appreciate your input...thanks.

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    Re: Thinking about buying a 1991 Hitec 20S11, who has / has one?

    depends on what you hope to get out of it! They are great and reliable machines, especially with low hours. As time has passed, parts are always a concern, so let me know what control it is (on a 20SII it could be i80 or LX3 multi for that year)
    Either of those controls would be a good bet, if its Seicos II thats OK also just a little more scarce but still possible to find and service (myself!) is available.
    Let me know the details and I will help you out, always happy to see the Hitachi brand still making chips!

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    Thanks John, but I missed the boat on this machine...too much time thinking about it, someone else bought it.

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