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    Bracket for Lid - Bodor

    I have a 90W Bodor laser. I ran into two situations that I needed to resolve. First was that the small notch in the front of the hood (lid) didn't allow for enough air flow to adequately allow the smoke to clear. Second was that the laser is not designed to have material sticking out the front of the laser. For the smoke, I usually just prop the lid up with a roll of tape but yesterday, I needed to have a longer piece of wood project out the front so that I could laser my woodworking logo in the corner of a project. I designed and 3D printed a bracket that hooks over the lip in the bottom of the opening and has a notch to hold the lid and not slip. Works great. Thought I'd share for those that need something similar. While designed for by Bodor, it could be modified to work with other lasers. I ended up using two (one on each side) so as not to rack the lid.

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    Re: Bracket for Lid - Bodor

    Useful accessory for the desktop laser engraver, clever tool

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