Hello Team
Please help, hope that I can get any advise and thank You in advance.
Machine DMG CTX600 was switched off for long time.
Now we are starting it and it stays after start with displayed DMG Logo and communicate at the bottom "Signalsuche an RGB Analoger Eingang".
There is Heidenhain CNC1190 unit in cabinet and I can see displayed on it code with no 6. Dont know what it means.
Already replaced 24VDC power supply unit and Heidenhain unit battery. Did not solve the problem,
I have no idea and no start point to move forward.
I have started thinking that maybe battery in CNC unit went down and it lost everything but anyway to me it should load up to main screen with for ex. info about no parameters downloaded or similar.
Please advise if some of You have an Idea or had similar problems.
I have add some pictures for better understanding what I have written above.