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    Viewer for AlphaCAM files

    Hello, first-timer here. I'm retired from having owned a millwork manufacturing business, where we used AlphaCAM on our CNC routers. When I sold the business, all machines and software went with the sale. Over the years I did a lot of personal projects including extensive design on my house using AlphaCAM. I have a seat of Solidworks and use that now for any CAD or design work that I do, but I have a gazillion AlphaCAM CAD files (no tool paths) that I never converted to DXF's and really would like to be able to open them and for the life of me, I can't find a viewer that will open .ard files. I don't want to spend thousands to buy a seat of AlphaCAM that I will never use now that I'm retired, and I was wondering if anyone knows of a viewer out there that will open AlphaCAM .ard files? Thanks for any advice on this.

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    Re: Viewer for AlphaCAM files

    Here is a link to an installer for AlphaCams standalone Viewer, it only opens AlphaCam files for Viewing. Regards

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