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Thread: M-2 Memory

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    M-2 Memory

    Anyone know of an after market memory upgrade for the Mazatrol M-2. Need to do some 3D work and don't have near enough memory. Or does anyone know how to drip feed an M-2. Thanks, Joe

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    Be careful, it might not just be a memory upgrade, you might also require the 3D option Roms

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    Hey Newguy81,

    Forget about an upgrade on an old M2, the cost is more than the machine is worth. I have an old AJV25/404 that I regularly drip feed long programs into. It works fine once you have it set up. I use an older free copy of NC Link from One CNC. I know they don't give it out anymore, but I can email you a copy. It was free remember, so no copywright problems. There are a few things to do so that it works. Send me an email at gofastdesigner@hotmail.com and I can help you with it. It's not difficult, and it works well.


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