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    Re: Yet another epoxy granite mill

    Looking really great for now !!
    Great looking ATC where did you buy it - how much ? (I'm thinking of buying one for myself and not build it myself ... )

    I really need to get myself together and continue with my build ...

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    Re: Yet another epoxy granite mill

    Quote Originally Posted by StrawberryBoi View Post
    Such is the case with many many machine parts, in industrial and automotive and even agricultural use. They are designed to always have oil or grease on them.

    If you take gears out of your car transmission and wash them down with soap and isopropyl alcohol to fully and completely degrease them, then leave them out for a few days, you'll have rust.

    Platings/coatings are for things which are in fatless environs, such as exposed to outside air but not working surfaces for a machine.

    Even something like AISI 416 stainless will rust with time (and salt).

    For motors you will typically see nickel or zinc platings on the backirons because they are not generally an oil environment. 416 is used extensively because they are at least semi-protected so other than salt air environs it will rarely rust enough to be a problem.

    Motor laminations are coated on the faces with a corrosion inhibitor, but the cut edges will rust like CRAZY which you will commonly see. Sometimes that surface is specifically epoxied into the mating housing to act as both mechanical bond and rust prevention. Sometimes it's coated after the cut process.

    It's very common in machine tools to have easily rusting materials with just a thin film of oil. So you only have to look to protect from the particular oil-free environs where needed.
    Any particular type of oil, or can I use the same one I'll use for the carriage and ballscrew lubrication?

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