I am sick and tired of this covid B.S.!!!

If you need help working out an issue with a design or drawing, or you want to learn more about drawing in DesignEdge, I am again available for free online training.

We would connect our computers together via ZOOM.COM or FREECONFERENCE.COM, or one of the other online conferencing venues. It is best to have TWO monitors at your end, but they do not need to be on the same PC. you can use your PC with DesignEdge on it as one monitor, provided it has Internet access. The other screen is only for viewing MY screen, so you can use another tower, or a laptop, or an iPad, or even a larger "smart phone" as the second monitor, as long as it can also enter the meeting room. At least one pc needs to have speakers (or headphones) and a mic.

I do this as I have the time, and I do not charge for my time.

Send inquiries to add me now at mail dot com