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    Plasma controller kit

    Hi all,

    I’m new to the whole CNC scene and would appreciate some info/recommendations on a pre-assembled CNC controller kit.

    What are you using plus some pros and cons.

    I have an idea of the setup I’m going to build (large enough to accommodate a 1200x2400 sheet) the gantry will not way more then 60kg and will be looking at using a r&p system. I’m a fitter and turner by trade so all the mechanical and fab will be done by me.

    Any info would be great

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    Re: Plasma controller kit

    I'm running a Masso, works well with touch off but have yet to get THC to work well.

    Some are using MyPlasma controller with integrated THC and CAD abillity, very reasonably priced. There's also a FB page.


    Purchase at: https://www.automationtechnologiesin...height-control

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    Re: Plasma controller kit

    We are working on one. My associate is in Texas. The intent is to have a fully engineered motor package with a prewired controller. We have some components available and paying customers. The system will run on Linuxcnc (like Tormach) and be a high performance system which carefully matches drives, motors and reduction gears for optimum performance.. The package has been tested on my table and achieves 0.5 G acceleration and 1370 IPM rapids. We know nothing gets close to the controller and the engineering of the motor package is next level.

    Feel free to PM me if you wish to explore this option further and we'd make it happen.
    Rod Webster

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