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Thread: Probe it

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    Probe it

    Has anyone connected a cnc craft probe to the mill turn. I have a 2016 mill turn and I am having trouble with getting mach3 to recognize the probe. Any suggestions and wiring help would be awesome.

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    Re: Probe it

    I have a 2017 model so I am not sure we are wired the same. Mine came with 3 RCA jacks on the back and some information on using those jacks for limit switches. I tried to use my touch probe (Wildhorse Innovations) with those connection points but could never get Mach 3 to see any of them. Long story short version is the ground for those three plugs are tied together but were connected to the wrong ground point. In order for Mach 3 to see those points their ground needed to be to the 48 VDC supply ground. I traced the ground line to a point on the VFD and tied in there to get a circuit Mach 3 liked. Basically an open ground loop caused by using a wrong ground point. It fixed my problem but like I said, I don't know how yours is wired.

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