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    Buy ATC cnc router from Quick CNC

    A letter to CNC enthusiasts

    Hello, everyone, are you attracted by the cnc with automatic tool change? Are you discouraged by its high price? The emergence of CNC has liberated our hands, its precision and efficiency are the reasons why many people fall in love with it. In addition to enterprise-level buyers, many hobbyists and small shops can only afford a common manual tool change cnc. The manual tool change process is cumbersome, and we need to break the complete program into several parts, that's really reduced our processing efficiency, also makes cnc not automatic enough. For this reason, how to produce a good price ATC is what we have always wanted to do, as we continue to design solutions and drive down profitsand now it is here.See attached.

    This machine is a real ATC with 8 pcs of tools. We provide many solutions to meet the needs of different customers, with different controllers (handle or computer control), spindles (2.2/5.5/6kw), and motors (Stepper/Servo) to choose from. Its entry price is only 6800 US dollars. At this price, you could only buy an ordinary CNC before, but now you can get an ATC. If you are interested in this machine, please tell me the material you want to process, and I will recommend the most suitable configuration for you.

    Best regards

    whatsApp: 86-15662759135
    Skype: lanny_266
    email: lanny@quickcncrouter.com

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    Re: Buy ATC cnc router from Quick CNC

    The provider of laser & automatic integrated solution

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