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    Unhappy Windnc RS232 to USB problem

    I've tried everything to solve my problem read everything but i can't solve it.

    I use rs232 to usb converter to connect my machine and I checked everything that I read about it.

    In Windnc my setup is ok but when I click the folders it says transmission error but my parameters are correct and my cable I just bought it.

    Thank you for your time and I hope someone know the solution

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    Re: Windnc RS232 to USB problem

    Try a computer with a real serial port, I seen so many times where these USB to serial adaptors just don't work

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    Re: Windnc RS232 to USB problem

    Did you check if the converter is working properly? Do you get the echo in the terminal program when you short Rx and Tx together?

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    Re: Windnc RS232 to USB problem

    I have seen the power supply to the serial interface fail.om them before.
    This made both RS232 and RS422 ports fail.
    You could could confirm this by testing the plugs on the cnc. With either a multi meter or with a led serial indicator.

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