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    Z Axis Ball Screw and all around maintenance

    I have a Tree J325 that has been having some Z axis issues - I took the side cover off to inspect the z axis ball screw and there was a plastic ring on the screw.Attachment 461466 I'm thinking it comes from the gap near the top.
    To the heart of the question is this part available to replace? I am going to do a round of maintenance that will include new balls for all the lead screws but is there anything else required?
    Does anyone have a mechanical diagram of the z axis ball screw?

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    Re: Z Axis Ball Screw and all around maintenance

    That looks like the ballscrew seal. It should not be floating. I have the J425 drawings, they should be very similar.

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    Re: Z Axis Ball Screw and all around maintenance

    I spoke with Bob at ZPS and he told me there is a set screw (that I probably can't get to) so clean and glue in place. The item is not sold by itself. So for now I've pushed it up as far I can and will monitor. It does not seem that it is causing any z-axis issues but I am having to go back and review where my problems are coming from...and I have many...The machine is NOT reliable so it's one step at a time.

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