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    Mori Seiki SL-45C parts supplier

    Who does a person have to kill to get DMG Mori to return an email or phone call?! I have been trying to get in contact with a human being at DMG Mori for two days with no luck. We just purchased a used SL-45C that needs some parts and I cannot find a supplier anywhere that will take our money LOL. I have created a my DMG Mori account and I see that someone prior to me has populated our companies other Mori equipment in there, obviously our new purchase isn't in the lineup, I don't see how to add it, perhaps that's something DMG Mori has to do on their end??

    Anyways, now that I'm done complaining how are you guys getting parts quotes from this company?? I used their dealer locator and found a dealer in Grand Rapids MI that I left a message with but have yet to hear back from them. I can't find any phone numbers or email addresses on their website, does anyone have contact info from someone in Michigan that can help? Heck, at this point I would take the number of anyone in the US that can give me a price quote on parts!!!

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    Re: Mori Seiki SL-45C parts supplier

    All set, local dealer finally got back to me with phone number and email, hopefully the ball is rolling now!

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