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    programming blind hole radius help

    Hello all.

    I am trying to mill an ID radius as seen in pics.
    I have machined a funnel using an older version of Gibbs in the past.
    I'm remembering swept side with the shape in another workgroup extruded,
    I think.

    None of that is working currently.

    Gibbs 7.3.1 2D only. XY center of part in a chuck on table. Wanted to rough with a 3/8
    Flat endmill and finish with 3/8 ball. Aluminum.

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    Re: programming blind hole radius help

    You can use the Spiral Plugin driven by the Geometry. You need to define the Profile in the X-Y Plane using the line and arc as if you were going to create a revolved surface or solid, then select the geometry and run the plugin. I'm not sure what version the Plugin was introduced, but it works great.

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