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    Tree J325 Retrofit 2.0

    I've started to order parts to do a second round retrofit. The original retrofit used a Campbell design BOB, Gecko G320 servo drives and was driven by Mach3. It worked ok but when I put it together I was not aware of most of the items that make up a complete control system. This TREE forum has opened my eyes and I hope to move toward a machine that is closer in line to the industrial grade controls that were originally there.
    So far I have ordered a Centroid Acorn with the Pro software, a mini PC, DMM 3 axis servo kit with 0.75 kw motors and DYN4 drivers. I have a list started for Automation Direct..

    Let the fun begin

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    Re: Tree J325 Retrofit 2.0

    I've been spending a lot of time climbing on my mill. When I did my first retrofit there were a lot of items/wires left unconnected. Now I have gone through and identified many of the unknown/unused wires and am marking them as I plan to connect many in the upgrade. One item that NEEDS to be connected is the spindle fan - this machine saw light use over the last ten years so the motor never go very hot ...but it's there for a reason - along with the over temp wires. I started another thread asking about the pulse generator on the motor to see if it can be used.
    I've been bench testing the Acorn and trying to hook up as many items to get a better understanding of controls...still aways to go but I'm getting closer all the time.
    I have one item that I'm unsure about it's purpose - there is a pressure disconnect switch that is part of the pnuematic chain - currently disconnected and I don't see on on the Tree diagram - any ideas? It's the last item below the cabinetAttachment 463956
    Running out of room on my benchAttachment 463958

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    Re: Tree J325 Retrofit 2.0

    ...maybe wire number 258 in that bird nest?
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    Re: Tree J325 Retrofit 2.0

    Thanks Machinehop5. I saw wire 258 . So that device is there to monitor air pressure...with limited I/O that wire may not get connected ot I could wire in a light...

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    Re: Tree J325 Retrofit 2.0

    Centroid has a low pressure alarm and a low pressure shutdown input that this can be wired to.

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    Re: Tree J325 Retrofit 2.0

    When I can't hear the air leaks I'll know I have low pressure, in the future I may need an Ether board. 9-)

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    Re: Tree J325 Retrofit 2.0

    Or when your tool comes out of the spindle due to low air pressure...

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    Re: Tree J325 Retrofit 2.0

    Quote Originally Posted by dstjohn99 View Post
    Or when your tool comes out of the spindle due to low air pressure...
    If your machine releases the tool on low pressure...RUN. My tool holder won't release with low pressure.

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