Have had bunch of the old original 2 and 3 axis accurite millpowers on bridgeports over the years. The old ones were rock solid. Ever since they moved to the newer r8 software they have been a royal pain in the u know what. Problem after problem. Well Ever since the r8 software came out, the machine will NOT zero all the time. This is a very random thing but happens i would say 8-15 times a day. So if you have one, try this or maybe you have noticed it already. Jog the machine around. Then hit the zero z, x, or y, (doesn't matter). The set datum screen will come up to type in .1 or whatever you want (for edge finder) or leave zero. Then when you hit "use", the set datum screen goes away, which it should (So yes proves the buttons are working), BUUUT the axis WILL NOT ZERO. You have to do it again! Happens all day!. I have fought and fought with accurite. I ended up sending them videos of the machine doing it. they just say they can't find anything. After almost a year of fighting they finally acutally tested it and seen what i have been seeing for years. They finally recognize it and at least say they are working on it. (But now has been probably another 5 months with no answer) I hardly can't believe that no one else with these machines have noticed this?? Maybe just didn't say something?? Just wanted to let people know what is going on with these machines anyway.