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    GRBL Uno Breakout Board / Shield Board

    If you are thinking about using the GRBL Breakout Board/Shield CNC Design Ltd you might be uncomfortable wiring it up without having a clear idea of what is on the board. Especially as it doesn't come with anything more that a hookup diagram. For those reasons you might find the attached schematic helpful.

    If you any errors please post to let me know- thanks.

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    Re: GRBL Uno Breakout Board / Shield Board

    Very good


    I have a break-out board that came with the equipment.It failed and I replaced it with Arduino Uno/v3 sheild. But I control the spindle motor outside the board and just on/off type of control. No speed control

    How do I control the DC motor of the spindle?

    Do I need a dc driver or a simple transistor circut will do?


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    Re: GRBL Uno Breakout Board / Shield Board

    This is crude but effective. It's virtues are isolation and simplicity.

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