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    Longmill vs DIY?

    Hey y'all, so I was planning on building my own CNC, approx. 2ft x 2ft x 4in work area and with a budget of ~$1500. I was aiming for wood/plastics primarily, but would love aluminum capabilities. However, I just discovered the Longmill CNC which is 30 in x 30 in x 4 work area and all in all it'll cost a little under $1500. Is it worth it for me to build? I'm not intimidated by the design/construction process and I have access to woodworking and metalworking machinery, I just want to make sure my efforts will be not wasted. Thanks for the help y'all

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    Re: Longmill vs DIY?

    If I had to go with 8mm leadscrew and delrin wheels I'd just buy a openbuilds clone from the east. I'd be much more inclined to build a printnc but a 3d printer is required.

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    Re: Longmill vs DIY?

    I do have a 3D printer available, but do you think I could build a more robust machine for $1500?

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    Re: Longmill vs DIY?

    More robust than the delrin wheel versions of cnc? Yes. Those wheels are not known for longevity under load. I definitely think you could make a much more rigid 2'x2' frame for less than $1500 but you would have to figure out the design yourself. A kit is not a bad way to start but you do get what you pay for. I would look at youtube video's on printnc to give you some idea what is involved in a first time steel tubing diy build.

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    Re: Longmill vs DIY?

    I'm honestly not all that intimidated by the design part (maybe I should be lol). But I definitely get what you're saying, thanks for the advise.

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