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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > EnRoute > importing to enroute 5.1
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    importing to enroute 5.1

    We have enroute 5.1 software and we been having problems the last few months importing DXF or DWG files. They come over with just the template and not the drawings. I am told it is drawn from fusion 360 program. I tried saving it in a different verision from truview and still same problem. Talked to SAI enroute people and want to sell me newer program. This is no fun. tom

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    Re: importing to enroute 5.1

    What Autocad DXF versions have you tried? I usually have good luck importing into Enroute using the R14 and R11 DXF versions. If you have another program that can open the files have you tried using it to convert to a different file format all together. Enroute 5.1 will probably struggle with most any file format newer than about 2015.

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