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    pokeys57cnc and mc60 motor controller

    Has anyone used the above combination? I had a pmdx411, gecko g540 and mc60 working on my lathe. Needed more outputs and switched to Pokey57CNC. The g540 had 3 wires to the mc60, the +10v, common and 0-10v to regulate the spindle speed.
    I am electrically illiterate and cannot figure out how to wire the pokeys board to the same mc60 speed controller. I have the white connected to pokeys 0-10v output but don't know where the black and red wires should be connected. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: pokeys57cnc and mc60 motor controller

    According to an image I found, the MC-60 controls speed using a potentiometer. Red and black are some voltage and ground. White is a divided voltage between some voltage and ground. The pokeys board just outputs a variable voltage so I wouldn’t connect the two without more checks.
    A simple solution is to hook those pins up to a 10k pot and set the speed manually. Just put white in center connector. You could either put a switch on the speed controller power to turn it on. Or attach some ssr (relay) to pokeys, which is more complicated

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    Re: pokeys57cnc and mc60 motor controller

    Daz and Dean, thanks.

    Re-tested all the wiring for continuity and voltage again. One of the solder points had disconnected under the shrink wrap. Up and running again. Just need to final mount a few more items and re-test.


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    Re: pokeys57cnc and mc60 motor controller

    If your analogue source supplies 0-10v between the two conductors, you would just need to connect one to the common (L) and the control to centre (W).
    BTW there is a mod to prevent having to zero the voltage every time you start.
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