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    Weird Toolpath

    Hello! I want to cut a Profile of a Double-Bass-Bow. The head is scanned with an 3D Scanner and I constructed a Stick for it. Now I marked the edge wich lies on the Table. If I use the command "Profiling", it does this: MADCAMBUG.jpg (60.4 KB).
    How can I fix the toolpath?

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    Re: Weird Toolpath

    To me it looks like your profile curve may not be a closed curve...

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    Re: Weird Toolpath

    From my experience using Rhino, when generating curves (depending on how you do it), there can be remnants of scanned points or lines left that occupy the same drawing space as the spline you've just created. Or if you've generated several line segments, but haven't joined them before post processing. When assigning tool paths, the software may pick up those remnants/disconnected line segments instead of the spline. The result is retracts where there should have been continuous cutting. Try selecting/deleting portions of the spline as a means of preserving just the spline and then assigning the tool path. Also, you'll want to join all additional geometry that wants to be part of a single toollpath.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Weird Toolpath

    The curve that you are selecting for the profiling toolpath doesn't seem to be smooth enough. It probably includes some kinks that will reverse the direction of the curve at some places. Try to use the curve rebuild command in Rhino before selecting the curve for the profiling toolpath.


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