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    Mar 2021

    Arduino Mega with Marlin Ramps

    I was able to download Marlin and after compiling with PlatformIO upload to Arduino Mega
    I want to ensure if it can move X,Y & Z axis and turn on other hardware
    I tried to connect through Universal G Code Sender but looks like it does not work with Marlin.

    I just want to send simple G Code commands to see if it can move axis motors how can i do it?

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    Mar 2021

    Re: Arduino Mega with Marlin Ramps

    I was not able to edit my post, i also want to know how can i update config through commands like $26 in GBRL

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    Mar 2015

    Re: Arduino Mega with Marlin Ramps

    I don't know marlin, but is derived from grbl. Read this Wiki https://github.com/gnea/grbl/wiki/Gr...-Configuration

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