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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > CNC Machining Centers > CNC (NUM1040 Controller) Xilog plus _PnelMAC Need Help!!!
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    May 2021

    Exclamation CNC (NUM1040 Controller) Xilog plus _PnelMAC Need Help!!!

    i have a problem on CNC AUTHOR 427 with NUM 1040 Controller
    I Replaced the PC OF CNC Machine
    and installed the Xilog Plus
    but When open PanelMAC I cant received anything Of motors and cant control of CNC Machine (celebration ,sending programs or Manual control) and this is a two pictures from new PC and Old …
    Old PC PIC...
    New PC PIC...

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    Re: CNC (NUM1040 Controller) Xilog plus _PnelMAC Need Help!!!

    1. What version of panel mac did the old pc had ?
    2. You cannot just change the hardware and start running the machine, you need to tell the software the type of machine according to the specific model.
    3. The first image link doesnot work, did it have more than 3 axis, also post the full screenshot of the xilog plus so the errors are visible.

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    Nov 2021

    Re: CNC (NUM1040 Controller) Xilog plus _PnelMAC Need Help!!!

    We may spend considerable time in trying to find out what is happening. I was using Mac, but then decided to buy a laptop with Windows and it also had problems. So I found https://www.auslogics.com/en/article...-on-monitor-2/ post and with this instruction managed to solve this within one evening. Perhaps that is the easiest approach.

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