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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > UCCNC Control Software > AXBBE with CL57T phantom estop with vfd problem
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    AXBBE with CL57T phantom estop with vfd problem

    Hello all,

    I am having an issue with the estop triggering when spindle is running. I think i know what is causing it but i would like some advice on how to correct it. I recently upgraded my steppers and drivers to cl57t and nema 24s from smaller steppers and a g540. I have the vfd wired per manual with A01 and 5v0 with 5v control. It has worked flawlessly until now. I have my inputs from the CL57Ts wired to port 2. I also have my alarms from the drives wired in parallel on 24v to pin 2 port 2 as an ESTOP. I think my problem is coming from having my dir- and pulse- wired to 5v0 referenced back to the 5v power supply which is also where the controller 5v0 is referenced back to. If i command the spindle on it may run 2 seconds or 2 minutes but will trigger the ESTOP every time. If i unassign the ESTOP pin and port everything works fine. I feel i should mention all vfd cabling and signal is shielded.

    I have 4 power supplies in total. The 24v and 5v power supply share the same AC input and ground. They are for running the AXBBE. I have 2 36v power supplies that share an AC input that run the drives and steppers.

    Is the 5v0 my problem or do i need to look elsewhere?

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    Re: AXBBE with CL57T phantom estop with vfd problem

    This is a noise issue. Here are some thoughts:
    - Check that the negative of the e-stop is not common with the ground of the VFD.
    - You may want to install a filter on that VFD.

    Arturo Duncan

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