Do you use NX to create CNC programs? Now you can create a beautiful, accurate Shop Document without having to customize NX or buy Teamcenter. Now NXFastDocuments gives you the ability to create Shop Floor documents that have a Cover page, Setup page, a list of all the NX Operations in the program, and a list of all the NX Tools used in the program, all in Five easy steps.

NX Fast Documents also give you the flexibility to add important pictures and instructions for the machinist about how to setup your program. It allows you the ability to add special instructions and a picture for each Operation in your NX program, and all of that doesn’t require you to change or customize anything you have already created in the native NX Program.

You can find out more at: NX Fast Documents | NX Shop Documentation | CNC Documents

You can watch a quick video of how to use NX Fast Documents:

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NX Fast Documents