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    EMCO F1 CNC with TC55H controller

    Hi guys, I retrofitted my EMCO F1 CNC with Nema 23 steppers, M542 drivers and TC55H controller.

    I have to say that the system works flawlessly, should have done that many years ago.
    It feels like working with a complete new machine.
    The only thing I cannot get to work yet is subroutine programming.

    I tried the following:

    Program 0021

    N010 90
    N020 G0 Y19.5 Z-9
    N030 M3
    N040 G1 Z-10 F39
    N050 G20 N2101.3
    N060 G91
    N070 G22 N2101
    N080 G1 Z-0.5 F39
    N090 G24
    N100 M5
    N110 G90
    N120 G0 Z0
    N130 G0 Y0
    N140 M30

    (sub) Program 2101

    N020 G1 Y0.5 F249
    N030 G1 X-0.3
    N040 G3 X-0.2 Y-0.2 R0.2
    N050 G1 Y-16.1
    N060 G3 X0.2 Y-0.2 R0.2
    N070 G1 X0.6
    N080 G3 X0.2 Y0.2 R0.2
    N090 0 G1 Y16.1 F299
    N100 G3 X-0.2 Y0.2 R0.2
    N110 G1 X-0.3
    N120 G0 Y-0.50

    And I also tried this:

    N010 90
    N020 G0 Z-9
    N030 G1 Z-10 F149
    N040 M98 P090 L3
    N050 G90
    N060 G0 Z0
    N070 M30
    N090 G91
    N100 G1 Z-0.5 F39
    N110 Y5 F249
    N120 G3 Y-10 R5 F249
    N130 G3 Y10 R5
    N140 G0 Y-5
    N150 M17

    But it doesn't work..
    Anyone can advise how I can use subroutine in my Mach4 controller TC55H?
    Your help is very much appreciated.

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    Re: EMCO F1 CNC with TC55H controller

    ...M98 Pxxxx to call subprogram and use M99 at the end of subprogram. Read more about it on Page 57-59

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