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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Haas Machines > Is there a M-code controllable 110v outlet on the Haas?
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    Is there a M-code controllable 110v outlet on the Haas?

    I am wondering if there is a 110/120 power outlet or source inside the cabinet on the haas that can be controlled with M-code or control panel settings?

    I do have an outlet on my electrical cabinet

    I have rigged up a small transfer pump that I use to help get coolant from inside the machine back down into the coolant tank. I was constantly fighting plugged drains on my mini mill, so I just added this transfer pump and it solved the problem.

    But I don't want it to run constant.... I want to have it turn on and off similar to my chip auger which is currently controlled by settings ( I can't remember, but I believe its a setting on the control panel )

    The mini mill has a tank that is part of the frame, so getting that drain pan clean of chips is a nasty time consuming job..... so that's why I went the route of the transfer pump.



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    Re: Is there a M-code controllable 110v outlet on the Haas?

    Find a 110 power source in the cabinet, run the red to one side of pump, the other wire from pump to n.o on spare m code relay, run white side of power source to common. I have air solenoids that are tied to the m51 relay in my machines, M51 on, M61 off.

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    Re: Is there a M-code controllable 110v outlet on the Haas?

    Haas has some gcode triggerable relays built in but they may be an optional accessory so may not be fitted on your machine. Check their web site and your documents.
    Rod Webster

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