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    2Ghz CPU Required?

    I have an older laptop with a 1.75GHz cpu that I'd like to use to drive a Smoothstepper with Mach4. Anyone running a pc with a cpu less than the recommended 2GHz frequency?

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    Re: 2Ghz CPU Required?

    my machine PC is a dual core Atom single-board PC with on chip graphics. It runs at 1.86MHz. It runs Mach4 just fine.
    My little PC is well below the recommended (NFS) minimum but I've been using it for six years without problem.

    The only time I notice the lack of grunt is when or if I load a large Gcode file, say 5MB or more. Then the toolpath loads slowly,
    say a minute or more and can take another minute or so to draw the toolpath. Once the toolpath is drawn there are no problems at all.

    I would say just about any PC will work just fine.


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