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    MX4660 Estop wiring

    I am building my own controller which is using a MX4660 driver. I currently have the ESTOP+ and ESTOP- pins shorted as I am using the Estop circuit of my Masso G3 controller. If I wanted to add the MX4660 Estop, would it be as simple as wiring the two pins to either terminal of my NC Estop button? (The other NC switch of this button is connected to the Masso Estop). Also, what exactly does the MX4660 Estop do when activated (i.e., what happens electronically)?

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    Re: MX4660 Estop wiring

    I am not familiar with the MX4660, but have good knowledge of electronics.
    Connecting the E stop NC between the two ESTOP pins is a good way and that will work.
    I expect that the drivers will be disabled. you can easy check this.
    Power up your system, verify that the motors are locked ( hard to move by hand )
    Disconnect the wire between ESTOP + and - and verify if the motors can be rotated easy by hand.
    If so, then the drivers are indeed disabled.
    For the spindle I would expect that it's switched OFF

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    Re: MX4660 Estop wiring

    Thank you for your response.

    Since the time of writing the post, I have made significant progress with my CNC controller build - and learned a great deal along the way.

    My safety circuit is now as follows:

    My NC Estop connects to my Masso controller Estop input. I am making use of the controller's ES (Estop output), and connecting it to a Masso relay module (as recommended in the Masso documentation). The ES signal controls two relays, whose outputs in turn control the disable/enable inputs of my two drivers. The 'HIGH' ES output signal holds my drivers in the normal state, and an Estop, loss of power, or broken wire connection, will immediately disable the drives.

    I appreciated you taking the time to provide feedback,


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    Re: MX4660 Estop wiring

    My NC estop circuit runs at 24v so I have to use a 5v relay attached to the driver circuit to break the estop line on it's output.
    If it was all 5v then I'd have just daisy chained the lot together in series.
    Swapping from relays to opto modules where possible.

    Just means I have another device in the ever growing link that could fail in future.

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