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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > Esprit > Output value from esprit to NC through post.
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    Output value from esprit to NC through post.

    I am working to modify my post to output a value from the "EDM Drilling" feature. I wish to output the value of the electrode diameter used, but the post format is so strange to me and I can find no literature on the topic anywhere. I do not have an SMC so getting esprit help is not going to happen.
    Anyone have experience with modifying the post?
    Even if its stored in some vast array of strings or something, I can iterate thru each one and find the one I need, but I cannot for the life of me even figure out where this info is stored let alone how to output it to see what the values are.

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    Re: Output value from esprit to NC through post.


    Open Post help in Esprit and search for clstring and nextclfile

    Every value that you enter in some text filed in esprit have its own cl number.
    you can see this number by right click on text field, for example on tool number, in tool creating window. and then "Edit Properties".
    In windows name u will se some number in brackets (101).

    then i PP u can use this number to output value in specific place.

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