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    Choosing the Right Machine Blade for Industrial Applications

    If you rely on industrial knives and blades for your manufacturing processes, then you know how important it is to have high-quality, durable products designed for specific applications. Different procedures require different tools, which is why it is important to have industrial blades crafted to meet the demands of your application. As a result of evolving technology, industrial blade manufacturers can create high-quality yet cost-effective knives tailored for specific industrial applications.

    Knife experts will use advanced high-carbon alloys, ceramic blends, and other steel materials for tailored knife blades to meet the needs of customers throughout the nation. Whether you’re an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or an end-user, knife experts will work with you to choose a knife for your industrial application. There are many different types of high-quality materials they use to manufacture knives, and choosing the right one for your application can be a challenge. Fortunately, in this blog, we’ll share some helpful information to ensure you choose the best industrial blades for your industrial applications.

    Selecting Blades for Industrial Applications

    Not all industrial cutting applications are the same. Many have unique and specific requirements. Knife experts understand the importance of building blades to exacting tolerances so there are no setbacks or delays in your cutting applications.

    If you are an OEM, you depend on reliable cutting solutions that offer consistency, are cost-effective, and have a fast turnaround time. Therefore, you need to work with a partner that specializes in manufacturing custom industrial blades. Knife technicians will work with you to understand your precise needs to build you a blade that exacts your OEM specifications. If you are an end-user, on the other hand, you need industrial blades that not only offer superior precision but also cost-effective solutions for replacement knives without having to go back to your original equipment manufacturer time after time. Experts understand how important it is for end-users to receive the same quality blades sourced by their OEM sourced while manufacturing their equipment. They meet your needs by working with you to choose a blade that meets the needs of your application.

    Common Industry Applications for Industrial Blades

    Leading industrial blade manufacturers, have designed and manufactured a variety of quality machine knives for just about every industry you can think of! Some of the unique applications involve guillotine knives for tire and rubber industries, score slitter blades for paper converting, and straight blades for metal processing. The industrial blades they manufacture truly depend on the needs and demands of our clients’ applications. No matter what your line of work, they look at the overall requirements of your cutting application to design, manufacture, and test each machine blade. Some of the more common industrial applications that are made for precision blades include:

    Converting – Common applications for machine blades manufactured, are trimming, scoring, slitting, and perforating materials. Uses for these blades include cut-offs for winding and rewinding web applications. This is common to industries involved in printing and laminating as well as processing non-woven materials, including fiberglass insulation.
    Processing – Processing applications require a variety of specialized industrial blades and knives. These blades are used for many different processing applications, including meat, chicken, fish, and seafood processing. Additionally, our processing blades are used for applications dealing with dairy, produce, and baked goods.
    Packaging – Manufactures many specialty cutting applications for the automated packaging industry. Examples of specialty blades for automated packaging have tear notch, zig-zag, and easy tear features that allow for flexibility in their application.
    Find the Machine Blades You Need for Your Industrial Applications

    Innovative manufacturing processes and capable engineering teams allow them to design and create machine knives for virtually all industrial cutting applications. They should guarantee efficient lead-to-response time and also offer free test cutting and have no minimum orders. If you need assistance finding the right blade for your application or want to learn more about custom industrial blade manufacturing, contact us!



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    Re: Choosing the Right Machine Blade for Industrial Applications

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    Re: Choosing the Right Machine Blade for Industrial Applications

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