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    Third party servo drive for old yasnac control

    Hi, we got a old Matsuura with yasnac MX3, we had a damaged drive recently,so i checked manuals and the control signals for these drives seems to be pretty standard, Enable, Fault, Servo ready, +-10v analog and encoder feedback to the controller.

    I retrofited another matsuura before using the original servo drives and motors, i used Linux CNC and it worked like a charm but i wonder if it is possible to install a cheaper and newer drive like those from AMC as a replacement for the old drive, and keep the old MX3.

    Perhaps there are some tweaks to do for the 50 pin honda connector, i see it possible.

    Has anyone tried it?

    Yaskawa drive model is CACR SR15 SB1AF, the servo motor is AC driven with 9.7A rated Amps.
    Encoder has A B Z U V W outputs, 6000ppr i think.



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    Re: Third party servo drive for old yasnac control

    If indeed the encoder output is generic TTL 5V ABZ encoder, then you can use a Kollmorgen AKD drive to replace it. The AKD will auto phase the feedback to the motor. Cost depends on current & voltage rating of your motor. We can supply you a 12amp AKD model good for 120/230V or one good for 230/460V (a tad more expensive) and help you make it work - AS LONG AS your encoder is standard incremental model. In quote for drive I could include a small amount to teamview into your hooked up drive and commission it with you over the internet.

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