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    Exclamation Fadal CNC PC upgrde

    I had an older pc running a win 7 machine using NC FADAL program to send it to my CNC.

    I upgraded to a newer Win 10 pc with the same program to send my programs to the CNC. I had to install a serial card to connect it up. So I had problems getting the 2 to communicate but I have it now. I have run the same programs for years. So I try and run the same programs now and when I do the table moves around all over the place randomly before it actually goes down to do the work. It does the work but when it is complete it does not go back to the home position like it did before.

    I called a local cnc repair house and they seem to think it is in the program or fixture offset. We have checked them and they are all correct.

    It seems to be in the parameters but as I change them it does not fix it.



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    Re: Fadal CNC PC upgrde

    Or there maybe tags that are filtering out the end lines with the DNC interface? Or optional operation tags and your optional operations switch is turned off???

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    Re: Fadal CNC PC upgrde

    Go to Control Panel->System->Device Manager-> and look for the com port used for transmitting the program. Make sure the baud, parity and other parameters are set up exactly as they were under Win7.


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