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Worktable size (LxW): 340×560 mm
CNC axis travel(X×Y) : 300×360 mm
Max. cutting workpiece thickness: 400mm
Max cutting taper: 6°/80mm
Max workpiece weight : 200kg
Wire electrode diameter: ?0.18mm
Position accuracy: 0.02mm (GB7926-2005)
Processing accuracy (cutting eight prism): 0.015mm (GB7926-2005)
The working liquid volume: 50L
The best roughness of the processing surface(several cutting): Ra2.3?m
Max cutting efficiency: 100mm² /min

Power consumption ?2Kw AC380V/220V 50Hz

The X, Y, U and V axes are driven by the stepping motor. The machine control cabinet of electric and programming control system has the high-performance pulsed power supply and 15?LCD (liquid-crystal display).
The program system is Autocut programming control software.

Machine Introduction:

Single cut
Common steel guide
The small water tank without paper Filter
Item & Qty Include:
Main machine 1
Control cabinet 1
Working liquid box 1
Worktable water retaining cover 1
Machine sizing block 1
Cranker/crank 1
Processing specimen 1
Vertical corrector 1
Workpiece frame and simple clamp 1
Molybdenum wire installation device 1
Wheel loading and unloading tool 1
Technical documents:
Instructions, certificate of compliance, packing list and programming operation manual

One Year Warranty