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    Unhappy Johnson 900 orifice size - stuck, need help.

    Hello from Canada

    Have not had any luck with Johnson gas once they figured out I'm from the north. I have a Johnson 900 crucible furnace that is for NG with a 15/64 orifice. According to JG I need JA-01-00016 - 3/16 LP orifice. They have them but I can't order it and they said since I'm not a distributor they wont sell to me and put me on hold to find me a distributor and just left me there.

    Does anyone know if the 15/64 work with propane, if not any solutions or any ideas how I can get one?

    Starting to get a little frustrating with borders and such being what they are.

    Well any comments or help will be welcomed.


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    Re: Johnson 900 orifice size - stuck, need help.

    Searching for that part gets a lot of hits on Google. But sizing orifices like that is a little more complicated than you'd think. Apparently, you need to consider your altitude, as well as the fuel source. It's true that you want to use a smaller orifice for LP gas than for natural gas, since it has more BTUs per volume. But if you don't figure the altitude in, bad things can happen: http://enora.nortekhvac.com/literature/7092130.pdf
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: Johnson 900 orifice size - stuck, need help.

    Here you go!
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