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    Alarm #410 tool change Matsuura 510V Yasnac MX3 - Need Help Please!!

    I own a Matsuura 510V with MX3 controller, and have been using it since 2003. I believe the year of manufacture is 1986. This machine has been very reliable for many years now. This is also a 2 owner very lightly used machine. During a recent manual tool change (M6T5 EOB, WR) the magazine started to move and we had a momentary power outage (about 3 seconds) and of course the machine stopped. When it powered back up I believe the error message displayed on the screen was something like "#410 tool change progress stopped". I should have written it down - but of course I did not. I subsequently cycled the power on the machine. It will go thru the warm-up routine moving all 3 axes and turning on the spindle and subsequently homing all 3 axes. I checked that the atc positioning drum is aligned with the 3 leds, and manually rotated the magazine to the station position it would have been at if the power loss had not interrupted it from completion. If I issue the M6T3 EOB WR tool change command, the ATC does not move and I get the PS1 alarm light along with an error message on the screen "MT" "Error". See attached photos.

    I have the Model MC-510V operator's manual, but I have not found any information on the MT error and how to fix it. I assume that there is a bit somewhere in one of the registers that need to be reset to clear the ATC error in order to resume normal ATC operation. I know this is an old,out-of-date machine - but so far I have been able to maintain it in working condition and it has preformed very well for me. I am a very small shop and it would not make economic sense for me to spend the money for a new machine.

    So If any of you "old-timers" are familiar with this machine and this problem, I would most certainly appreciate any help you can give me.


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    Re: Alarm #410 tool change Matsuura 510V Yasnac MX3 - Need Help Please!!

    Hello Dear Adbuch!
    I'm asking for help! I have the same problem as yours with alarms # 410 and #445 with tool change from Matsuura with Yasnac MX3 (problem when changing the tool)! Were you able to solve the problem and how did you solve it? I checked everything and I'm already desperate. Video tool change: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KkO1OiJ-xVA
    Please help again!
    I look forward to your reply.

    Best regards

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    Re: Alarm #410 tool change Matsuura 510V Yasnac MX3 - Need Help Please!!

    something strange here. Spindle airblow happens at strange time.
    Is the motor rotating CW?
    Arm is at home when rear switch is over a milled square pocket.
    rotate cam with spud on shaft, with tool in arm (no pull stud) when arm shaft moves in/out align arm with spindle by loosening power lok, then tighten power lok.
    Brake is applied to motor by "plugging" (DC current is applied to motor winding from contactor) Sometimes this DC current will burn off contacts in contactor (MS7)

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