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    Fusion 360 Help needed in Alabama

    Im a new cue maker in Mobile Alabama. Still looking for a shop to set up but have all my equipment in a storage unit at the moment.
    I'm looking to start doing inlays on my cues using a CNC machine. I actually have 2 machines to work with right now.
    My issues arent with the machines but learning how to use the Cad software. I considered purchasing BobCad but the price is just out of my range right now for a hobbyist, so I'm wanting to learn fusion 360 for the designing process. I am a software developer by trade but I have never done cad. I've watched videos but they are all doing much more than what I'm trying to accomplish right now.
    So I'm looking for a teacher/mentor that would be willing to help me learn some basics of what I"m trying to do. Here is what I need to figure out....
    I have a 4 axis machine.
    I need to cut a pocket and a part to fit in said pocket. The pocket will be cut into a pool cue handle approximately 1" round. Then the CNC would turn a set number of degrees (lets say 90) on the "A" axis and repeat the same design. Repeat this until there are 4 pockets cut into the cue. The cuts will be flat.
    This is just an example at the simplest form of doing inlays on cues. I feel like if someone could teach me this much, I can figure out how to do adapt this to other designs and spacing. For example, there may need to be 24 evenly spaced diamonds around the cue, or 4. The number could vary.
    I am open to ideas of how to learn this. I would be willing to pay for direct teaching or maybe trade services. Or if someone just enjoyed teaching, that would be appreciated as well.
    Feel free to reach out to me with any ideas.

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    Re: Fusion 360 Help needed in Alabama

    hy, pls share a few images, so to have an idea about complexity; i can help with custom applications / kindly

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