Register now for the 'iMachining for NX 2.0 - Major Enhancements!' webinar -
Presented by Anthony Calderone
DATE: August 19, 2021
TIME: 1:00 pm GMT / 8:00 am US Eastern

Join us as we present the newest version of iMachining for NX 2.0! This major update now shares the same iMachining code as our SolidCAM and InventorCAM products. This update adds more than 40 new features, including the ability to simulate iMachining Operations with the new SolidCAM Simulator.
iMachining 2D
The flagship new features are iMachining's Machinable Feature Recognition, combined with wall and floor finishing. Defining geometry is now as simple as selecting a face or group of faces to machine. The stock, target, fixture, tool and holder are used to define a complete 3D Machining Geometry that is able to be machined. Advanced options for finishing the Wall and Floor, even with different tools, enables shorter programming time and no errors.
iMachining 3D
New options were added to build on the most efficient 3D Roughing and Semi-Finish toolpath in the world today. The iMachining Wizard provides updated cutting conditions for each depth of cut used in Step-Up. Many options were added to give more control over excluding toolpath which may be better suited to other tools, such as "limit minimum depth of cut" and "ignore closed pockets". Pre-drilling support was added to minimize helical ramping for closed pockets.
iMachining Wizard
A completely redesigned Database interface was developed, which supports "Material Categories" to more accurately calculate the cutting forces across a wide range of materials. Additional options we added for wall and floor finishing, as well as an easy to use override called "Machinability Factor" that can be used for general optimizations.
Installation for Different NX Versions
Our new MSI install handles all supported NX versions and languages, in a single install application. A new "Connector Tool" was developed to make integration across multiple NX versions very easy.