Just picked up a pair of these machines on the cheap, one has T1 and the other one T2 control. I want to get the T1 up and running first but I have never ran this brand before so I am not familiar with their proprietary control.

I can ref the axis, run the spindle, change tools, but now I'd like to figure out how to set tool and work offsets.

On a regular lathe I would use the spindle nose as G54 Z0, and to set T01 I would jog the tool over to the spindle nose and set that as T01 Z, and cut/measure and OD to set T1 X. Repeat for all other tools.
On this lathe I can't jog the tools over to the spindle, when I get within a few inches of it I get a message "position shift offset inactive" and the machine locks until I ref the axis. Is there a parameter to change?

Speaking of which I can't access the parameter menu...
I follow the manual directions and go into Edit mode, press the M, O (Shift+N), N keys and hit Enter, but when I do that I get "Mo" and then if I hit N and Enter again (to make it say "MoN") I get alarm 610 Invalid Parameter Entered.

I hope there are some obvious solutions to these issues, I'm not a rookie when it comes to operating machines, these are just new to me and I'd appreciate some insight.