$40 + freight

This was taken off a functioning CNC machine as more power was needed. The 230 VAC transformer has multiple windings:
2 off 115 VAC input
7.5 VAC at 2 A output
12 VAC at 4.5 A
17-0-17 VAC at 2 A
28 VAC at 2.7 A
40 VAC at 4.5 A
127 VAC at 4 A
It has 1.2 m long flexible output leads, a static shield, is approx 160 mm x 80 mm, and weighs ~8.2 kg.

A power supply tray (about 300 mm wide) made for the transformer is also available with it. It features bridge rectifiers and filter capacitors for 52 VDC, 24 VDC, 12 VDC regulated and 5 VDC regulated outputs. Fuses are included on the output lines. Not all transformer windings were used on this tray.
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It can be picked up in Berrilee, NSW. If you want it sent, it would probably have to go by courier at your cost as it is a bit heavy.

It has been listed on Gumtree, the Aus equivalent of ebay, but nicer.

Roger Caffin
Berrilee NSW