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    Re: Help a Newb Build an 8x4 Machine ????

    Thanks fellas, I understand I need to know what’s forces I’m wanting to achieve, at this stage, I just wanted to get a rough idea of the cost of the Linear Motors system, to see whether it’s worth putting the time into planning any further. The amount of hours Iv spent searching for things, I could have designed a rotating ball nut bearing carrier..lol
    Still, I do very much like the look of these Linear Motor tracks, with your suggestions in mind I will get some prices for the LMC. Iv looked through all the specs of the LMC series, there is 5 different models that achieve the same constant and peak N, but the peak Amps differs massively, so I’ve requested quotes for all those that have similar N specs to that LMC-EFE6.

    Also asked for quotes on 25mm guide rails.
    HG series(Heavy Load and SuperHeavy)(Precision grade C and P)(With and Without Dust Seals)
    RG series with a few variables
    QH series with a few variables.

    Will post back when I hear back.

    Regarding what I’m using the machine for.. the possibilities are endless.. immediately I will be machining timber, Oak Joinery and Green Oak Structures, Furniture, MDF, Ply, etc.. I also have some lumps of timber that are hard as hell, probably not far off Alu to machine.
    But, i will push the limits of whatever machine I have, I will probably machine Alu, I’d like to be able to make things like a Ball Nut Bearing Carrier...lol
    Working on the assumption I can just slow the feed speed and reduce material removal per pass when I machine harder things.
    I’m also thinking I’ll add a Lathe at one end.. And AutoToolChange.. probably at a later date..

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    Re: Help a Newb Build an 8x4 Machine ????

    Hi LondonBoards,

    I confess I haven't read the whole thread, but if I can make a couple of comments you can pick anything useful out.

    I've had two simple 3 axis flat table type routers. Both were stepper motor rack and pinion drive and were perfectly adequate for general woodwork and sheet aluminium use. Speed was not a problem. My current home router is an AXYZ Z7 ( similar to this one Camtech Z7 Router - YouTube)

    it cost £800 +VAT and to make it easy to use I replaced the standard controller with a UCCNC 300ETH and old HP PC running the excellent ( and very easy to use ) UCCNC software. So all-in about £1500.

    The good features: Simple rack and pinion drive is fast and accurate enough, good dust extraction via the height adjustable cowl, bigger than an 8x4 sheet so room to park the gantry out of the way while mounting a full sized sheet of ply, 4KW air cooled spindle is simple and powerful enough - never overheats. Combined vacuum and bolt down table is versatile. Proper linear rails and carriages.

    Bad points: Helical rack and pinion would be quieter and smoother, no ATC ( big disadvantage that will be rectified if I ever have to change the spindle ).

    This is an entry level machine for a woodshop, but very useful. It's built on a very solid frame, and is flat bed, so that when not in use the gantry is simply parked at one end and the rest used as a work bench. I think that's better that trying to store half the router in mid-air.

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