When we priced out going with a Planet CNC controller, we only knew of the board cost then once we had bought it we found out about the license cost and then again later found out that the board could only actually run a VFD if we bought another daughter board and paid for international shipping on that too. After 6-7 years of running the MK2 board and many changes to your software, there are a bunch of annoying bugs that got introduced later on with things like slider bars having useless scales and the MPG pendant not working so I would like to upgrade to Planet CNC TNGv2 so the bugs can hopefully go away and I can get the pendant to work.

What do I need to buy to upgrade the software? I see that my MK2 board isn't going to work for this new program so I will need a MK3 board at a minimum. Can my old license transfer over? The MK2 won't be needed anymore anyways.
Is it of any advantage to use Ethernet over USB? I'm currently using the double shielded USB cable from you guys. It seems like most cables can just be unplugged and moved over without any problems.

Any advise is appreciated.